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Laundry Safety Tips

We care about the health of our community and want to help make navigating this time easier for you. With cleanliness and hygiene taking center stage due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to share the following laundry safety tips which while critical now, are always relevant and useful.

Clean and disinfect carts, baskets, and hampers.
It is important to keep whatever you carry your laundry in clean. Pay close attention to high-touch areas such as handles and outside walls. Wipe these items down with a disinfecting wipe or cloth dampened with disinfectant spray. If possible, use a bag liner that is either disposable and can be thrown away after each use, or a reusable one that can be laundered.

Wipe down machine buttons, knobs, and door handles before and after each use.
As with your laundry carts and baskets, take the time to clean your laundry equipment before and after each use. This is especially important for anyone using a shared or public laundry space. Use a disinfecting wipe or pre-sprayed paper towel to clean all surfaces, particularly buttons, knobs, and door handles. Do not spray cleaner directly onto machine surfaces.

Do not shake dirty laundry.
Be careful when handling dirty laundry, especially if it belongs to someone who is ill. This will minimize the possibility of dispersing the virus and other germs through the air. You can wash laundry from someone who is ill with other people’s items.

Use the warmest water setting for your items.
Follow garment and manufacturer’s instructions when washing clothing and children’s plush toys. Use the highest appropriate water temperature and dry items completely. Experts recommend a temperature of at least 140° when possible.

Use the right amount of soap.
Although soap is essential to getting your laundry clean, excess suds can actually trap dirt and grime inside fabric. Be careful not to use too much soap or overload your machine, both of which can cause your items not to rinse properly.

Machine-dry your clothes.
Viruses do not like heat. So, if garment instructions allow, machine-dry your clothes rather than lying flat or hanging to dry.

Wash your hands.
Although it may feel overstated, it can’t be emphasized enough. Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water after handling laundry. The CDC also recommends wearing gloves when handling dirty laundry from someone who is ill and washing your hands immediately after gloves are removed.

To keep this info handy, download our printable laundry safety tips.

Find your perfect laundry solution

For over sixty years, Automatic Leasing has been happily helping our customers find their perfect laundry solutions. We partner with property managers, apartment communities, housing authorities, colleges/universities, and health care/retirement groups based in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. We provide the highest quality washer and dryer systems for multi-family apartments, condos, laundry rooms, hotels, and college/university student facilities. At Automatic Leasing, we will help you increase revenue with our top of the line equipment as well as provide you with preventative maintenance and exceptional responsive service. We care about your laundry needs.

Multi-Family In-Unit Leasing 

Generate additional revenue by providing your residents with the highest quality Speed Queen and Whirlpool washers and dryers. Lease from us, rent to your residents and we will provide service and maintenance.

Multi-Family Laundry Rooms

Common area laundry rooms for apartment buildings and retirement communities equipped with high efficiency, high tech Speed Queen and Maytag laundry equipment. Multiple cashless payment systems available. 

Purchase Laundry Equipment & Parts 

If leasing is not an option for your company, we offer a full line of high-end Speed Queen and Maytag laundry equipment and replacement parts ready for purchase, delivery and installation. Maintenance plans available.

Hotel Laundry Systems

Looking for a clean, high tech laundry experience? Keep your guests happy with brand new machines and modern payment systems! Multiple cashless payment systems available. Let us help you find your perfect laundry solution.

Student Laundry Systems

Students love a high tech laundry experience. Outfit your college or university laundry rooms with state-of-the-art washers and dryers, laundry card, credit card, or Bluetooth payment systems. No matter your needs - we have it all.

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