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How do we check balance on cards?

Simply insert your laundry card into the card reader on any washing machine or dryer or the Value Transfer Machine (VTM). These machines will typically be in your laundry room or the leasing office.

How do we add money to cards?

Click on the laundry cards menu and select login. You will be directed to a secure website where you may create an online profile to manage your card, purchase a code to add value, or schedule a recurring transaction to purchase value codes. As you are creating your account, you will want to select the location of your residence from the drop down list before completing the process. If you do not see your location name, you likely are at a location that adds value using cash only (your laundry card will have a blue wave on the front). Machines to load value to these cards are located in your laundry room or leasing office.

What is the difference between portable, stackable, and all in one machines?

Portable machines: Designed for apartments that do not have any standard washer and dryer hook-ups or outlets. The washer connects to the kitchen sink faucet and drains into the sink and the dryer plugs into a regular 110V outlet and vents into a lint trap kit. These are two separate machines- the dryer is bolted down to a stand and the washer stays on the floor, rolling under the dryer.

Stackable machines: Are essentially the same machines as the portable except they are used when apartments have traditional hook ups. Stackable washers are hooked up to traditional washer connections and drain out through standard drain lines. These are two separate machines- the dryer is bolted down to a stand and the washer stays  on the floor, rolling under the dryer.

All-in-one machines (combos): These machines require traditional hook ups – a 220V outlet and complete washer connections. All-in-ones are one machine where the washer and dryer are physically connected. These come in 2 sizes depending on the space available.

How to operate portable machines?

Refer to “Compact Washer and Dryer Best Practice Guide” located here.

What areas do we service?

We cover the Mid-Atlantic region to include: Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina

Why do the newer washers not fill up all the way with water?

Most agitator top-load washers formerly used over 40 gallons of water to wash an average size load! Federal standards have gotten increasingly tougher in recent years, requiring washers to use less water and energy. Today, washers excellent in water efficiency use about 13 gallons or less for a standard load. Despite using less water, high efficiency washers have proved to clean comparably as well as older models.

What is your typical service turnaround time?

We strive to answer all service calls within 24-48 hours for most regions, often in the same day they are reported whenever possible. Should a request be more complicated, we will always provide our best estimate as to when we can schedule service. Request Service.

Do we sell machines?

We are a full-line Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool laundry machine and equipment distributor. We also carry GE, Frigidaire, LG and several other brands. We sell brand new and reconditioned machines of all types. Our inventory varies daily per location; please call or contact us directly for quotes and availability.

Do we lease to residents of private homes?

We offer resident direct leasing to those living in private homes only in the Richmond, VA area (our hometown) at this time.

What is this plastic box on the back of my dryer?

Portable dryers are used in homes that do not have traditional dryer venting to the outside.  These boxes help to keep lint and dust from blowing around in your laundry area. In order for these to work effectively, you must keep at least 1 inch of water in these at all times and clean the lint out of the box after every use.

Where is the lint trap on my portable dryer?

Lint traps for portable dryers are on the rear inside wall of the machine. Open the dryer door and look for a kidney bean shape- this pulls out and snaps open so that you can remove all of the lint after each use. Please refer to the “Compact Washer and Dryer Best Practice Guide” located here.

What does “code not verified” mean when I try to add value to my laundry card?

This means that there is a mismatch of information somewhere in the transaction. Verify that you have updated your card serial number if you have recently obtained a new one. Ensure you have selected the correct laundry room location. Codes must also be used in the order in which you have purchased them. As you load the value to your card, be sure the follow the prompts to enter the code number when asked (then press enter) and then the value of the code (then press enter). We are always a phone call away should you still have troubles!

How can I get a refund when I have lost money in a machine?

Please send a contact request or call us at 800-558-2342. We will need to know the machine ID number as well as your location, name, address, and amount lost. We issue refund checks on a weekly basis so that you promptly get back any lost funds.

Do I need to use “HE detergent” ?

HE laundry detergent is a specially formulated solution for washing clothes in a high-efficiency washer designed to work better with cool or cold water, another energy-saving step. As with any washer that uses less water, the agitator or the washing cycle can stir up the detergent, creating an overload of bubbles. The HE detergent avoids that bubble overload. If regular detergents are used in your high-efficiency washer, the presence of too many suds could ‘confuse’ washing cycles, cause delays and make proper rinsing of clothes difficult. Look for the ‘HE’ symbol the next time you shop.

How can I pay my invoice?

Please call our office at 800-558-2342 to pay any invoice. Recurring monthly invoices can be set up to be automatically drafted from the card of your choice!

If you have any more questions? Give us a call or contact us.

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