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What Payment Systems Should You Offer?

With so many payment solutions available today, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a payment system for your multi-family laundry room. It’s important to find a system that works for you as well as your customers. Security is always a priority when handling financial transactions, but there are additional factors to take into consideration such as your reporting needs, your customers’ comfort with technology, and overall ease-of-use for all. Automatic offers several flexible payment systems that allow you to meet the needs of your customers and optimize your collections management operations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options, and the benefits of each:

Mobile Payment Apps

For those who enjoy convenience in the palm of their hand, we offer a free mobile app with secure, easy-to-use payment options. In addition to using the app to pay for laundry, users can view washer and dryer availability, check their account balance, and even receive a notification when their laundry is done. Property managers benefit from the security of mobile payment apps, which eliminate the need for laundry room attendants, change machine upkeep, and rolling quarters. Plus, property managers can remotely access revenue tracking tools and transaction reports.

Laundry Cards

Reloadable laundry cards provide a convenient and secure payment option. Users can purchase and add value to their card with a credit card, cash, or online transaction. Like mobile payment apps, laundry cards reduce liability and upkeep for property managers by eliminating the need for a laundry room attendant and change machine collections. Plus, card transactions are handled remotely providing access to revenue monitoring and detailed reporting.

Credit Cards

Credit card payment systems offer residents the convenience and familiarity of a universal payment type. Secure credit card systems reduce liability by eliminating on-site cash collection and storage. Similar to our other card systems, credit card transactions are processed and managed remotely, and provide real-time access to revenue tracking tools and detailed reporting.

Cash & Coin

Even with all the advances in technology, many people still prefer the comfort of a traditional cash and coin system. These systems are easy to use and energy efficient, however they are a little more hands-on for property managers as they do require on-site collection and storage.

Offering flexible, easy-to-use payment options is essential to attracting and retaining customers. With many laundry rooms serving a diverse customer base, sometimes the best solution is to incorporate more than one payment option. Contact us today to learn more about these payment options and how Automatic Leasing can help you find your perfect laundry solution.

Find your perfect laundry solution

For over sixty years, Automatic Leasing has been happily helping our customers find their perfect laundry solutions. We partner with property managers, apartment communities, housing authorities, colleges/universities, and health care/retirement groups based in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. We provide the highest quality washer and dryer systems for multi-family apartments, condos, laundry rooms, hotels, and college/university student facilities. At Automatic Leasing, we will help you increase revenue with our top of the line equipment as well as provide you with preventative maintenance and exceptional responsive service. We care about your laundry needs.

Multi-Family In-Unit Leasing 

Generate additional revenue by providing your residents with the highest quality Speed Queen and Whirlpool washers and dryers. Lease from us, rent to your residents and we we will provide service and maintenance.

Multi-Family Laundry Rooms 

Common area laundry rooms for apartment buildings and retirement communities outfitted with high efficiency, high tech Speed Queen and Maytag laundry equipment. Multiple cashless payment systems available.

Purchase Laundry Equipment & Parts 

If leasing is not an option for your company, we offer a full line of high-end Speed Queen and Maytag laundry equipment and replacement parts ready for purchase, delivery and installation. Maintenance plans available.

Hotel & Student Housing Laundry Systems

Hotel guests and students love a clean, high tech laundry experience. Outfit your hotel, college/university laundry rooms with state of the art washers and dryers, laundry card, credit card or blue tooth payment systems.

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